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about us

AFFCAD UK is a leading charity in the UK that helps to support children, young people in Uganda by empowering them to escape extreme poverty.


UK Charity Funding Projects in Uganda

AFFCAD (Action For Fundamental Change and Development) UK is a grassroots, volunteer-run charity. We work with AFFCAD Uganda to deliver quality, accessible education and vocational training for young people and families in some of the poorest areas of Uganda.

AFFCAD UK believe that education is the most powerful way to break the poverty cycle. We focus on providing quality, accessible education and training that empowers young people to support themselves out of poverty.

Best UK Children Charity Fighting Poverty in Uganda

Our Work

Happy Children and Families in Uganda receiving food items from Best Affcad UK Charity

Our work is informed by the needs and knowledge of people in the communities we support. We believe they are best placed to understand what will work for their community. This knowledge empowers us to create solutions that address poverty head-on, and that will have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of people born into extreme poverty.

In the UK, we create long-term partnerships with schools, businesses, individuals and community organisations to raise money, raise awareness and engage young people with social change.

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what makes us different?

  • We are a grassroots organisation that support community-led, sustainable development projects. We listen to the community in Bwaise to help us best meet their needs.

  • 98% of the donations we receive go directly to our work in Bwaise. As a volunteer-run organisation we have very few overhead costs so we can send your donations to where they are needed most. That means your donation goes even further.

  • None of us are on the payroll – Every member of our team is a volunteer who chooses to give up their time, energy and skills to help achieve our mission of ending extreme poverty.

  • We work very closely with AFFCAD Uganda, who are based on the ground in Bwaise, to understand the issues and needs of the community there.

AFFCAD UK's story

AFFCAD UK was set up in 2016 by London-based teacher Liz Parker to support the work of AFFCAD Uganda.

Liz first met the founders of AFFCAD in 2011 whilst taking part on one of their slum tours. AFFCAD (Action for Fundamental Change and Development) is a youth-led charity founded in 2009 to transform living conditions in Kampala’s poorest slum areas.

AFFCAD was started by four friends Meddy, Jaffar, Richard and Brian who grew up in Bwaise. As children, these four inspirational young men worked to pay for their own schooling. When they finished school, they chose to stay in Bwaise and wanted to transform their community through sustained development.

Liz returned to Bwaise to volunteer with AFFCAD during the summer of 2014. After living in Bwaise and witnessing the poverty faced by young children and families, Liz felt compelled to do more to help them and started AFFCAD UK upon returning home.

AFFCAD UK has been a registered charity since 2016. We are run by a team of inspirational and committed volunteers in the UK and around the world, all dedicated to making a difference to the community living in the poorest areas of Uganda.

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Happy Volunteers Affcad UK Charity Funding Projects in Uganda
Affcad UK Charity Happy Volunteers Funding Projects in Uganda

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98% of your donation goes directly to our work in Bwaise. Every donation you make has an immediate impact.


Our fundraising heroes raise vital funds to help us tackle the causes of extreme poverty. Up for the challenge?


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School Partnerships

We create connections between young people in Bwaise and schools across the UK.