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We work with AFFCAD Uganda to deliver sustainable, grassroots support in Bwaise.


AFFCAD (Action for Fundamental Change and Development) is a youth led nonprofit organisation founded in 2009 to transform living conditions in Kampala’s poorest slum areas by empowering children, youth and young women through education, health, and economic empowerment programs.

AFFCAD UK was created to support the work of AFFCAD Uganda by raising money, building awareness amongst schools in the UK and helping the AFFCAD team deliver sustainable, grassroots support for young people and their families in Bwaise.

Why we do what we do

Uganda is rapidly urbanising. Many young people come to Kampala to escape poverty, and 85% of these will settle in slums because of the very cheap housing. Bwaise is one of the largest and poorest slum areas in Kampala, where more than 90,000 people live without basic services such as water, shelter and sanitation.

In addition to this, slum communities in Kampala are also home to refugees from various countries. These young people arrive full of dreams and aspirations, yet the economy in Uganda cannot create jobs for them. The reality is that the slums they settle in are characterised by poor temporary housing, poor water and sanitation, poverty, unemployment, high crime rates and drug abuse.

These conditions can fuel conflict and despair – becoming a fertile ground for recruitment of young people into radical groups.

To counter this, AFFCAD designs programmes to cater for these downfalls in slum communities and also incorporate refugee communities into active livelihoods and a better life. Working with local partners, AFFCAD’s projects help youth transit from lives of crime, poverty and unemployment to lives of economic empowerment, employment and health including access to sexual and reproductive health.

Learn more about our Education, Health and Economical Empowerment projects in Uganda.

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