Education in Uganda

Education In Uganda

We believe that every child is entitled to a quality education, and that education is the key to Uganda’s progress

A Broken System

Decades of government mismanagement and an inflating youth population have placed extreme stress on Uganda’s education system:

  • Classrooms are overcrowded;
  • School facilities like washrooms are often inadequate;
  • Qualified teachers are hard to find; and
  • Many graduates lack the skills needed in the country’s modern economy.
About Uganda - Education

A Need For Better Access & Quality

Education in Uganda

Almost half of all children in Uganda don’t complete primary school. Out of those who don’t complete school, 60% leave due to the costs of education. For those who stay, the quality of education is often inadequate: only half of Ugandan children in Primary 3 who should be proficient in literacy and numeracy actually are.

Girls suffer extra. Child marriage, teen pregnancy and abuse at schools keep many Ugandan girls out of secondary school. Pregnancy, in particular, accounts for 8% of premature school leavers.

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