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our team

AFFCAD UK is run by a team of committed volunteers based in the UK and around the world.

Our team

AFFCAD UK is run by a team of committed volunteers based in the UK and around the world. We work closely with AFFCAD Uganda to support the community in Bwaise wherever they need us most. Right now that is campaigning and fundraising for our Covid-19 relief campaign.

We are always looking for enthusiastic, passionate and professional people to join our team, so get in touch!

Our Team - AFFCAD UK

Natalie Staub
IT & Systems

Nat is a primary school teacher in Switzerland and spends a lot of time in her second home, Uganda.

Fun Fact: Nat once trekked the width of Switzerland in less than two weeks.

Dylan Cox
Website Manager

Dylan is a recent university graduate with a passion for digital marketing—he loves building websites and writing content for a variety of organisations. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, coding and exercising.

Fun fact: Dylan once played in a football match against David Beckham’s eldest son.

Liv Waelde
Content Manager

Liv is a London based writer with a BA in Comparative Literature from UCL and an MA in Writing from the Royal College of Art. She is passionate about empowering individuals through storytelling and voice, and is otherwise a keen fitness enthusiast, amateur baker, and cat lover. 

Kehinde Felix
SEO Manager

Kehinde is a Digital Marketing Specialist in SEO. She is also a Social Media Manager and Content Creator. She has an MSc in Digital Marketing from Teesside University, UK. She is passionate about supporting charities and helping small businesses improve their online presence. Aside from work, she loves cooking, creativity, and meeting people.

Alex Brooke
Data Manager

Alex has 10 years combined experience working within digital marketing, software and data. He loves to help out family and friends whenever he can, and loves to give back. Alex loves all things techy and loves to experiment with code, formulas and analytics tools. 
Fun Fact: Alex is from Yorkshire and used to be a chef many years ago. He once had food sent back because his Yorkshire puddings were too big! 

James Contreras
School Partnerships Coordinator

James is an ex-teacher, previously working as a Head of Department. He now works as a Data Science Coach for apprenticeships. In his spare time, he loves travelling and escaping London to explore the outdoors whenever possible.

Katie Stuart
School Partnerships Coordinator

Katie has worked in education for the last three years. She is currently a Business Transformation Coach for apprentices, and previously held a role in Programme Management for an education start-up. She is passionate about educational development and widening career opportunities for young people. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, surfing, and playing netball. 

Suzy Wyett-Adams
Volunteer Programme Coordinator

Suzy has a background in volunteer management, and has supported volunteers on programmes in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Outside of work, she loves travelling with her family, trying new foods and gardening.

Giovanna Giuriolo
Grants Writer

Giovanna has a BA in International Studies and a BA in History from Loyola University Chicago, as well as an MSc in African Politics from SOAS University of London. She is passionate about sustainable development, international development and human rights. She also has regional expertise in Africa, including field experience in Tanzania working with vulnerable youths.

Julie Gordon

Julie has had experience in administration for various organisations and charities, and also currently volunteers for a mental health charity.  In her spare time she is a voracious reader, and enjoys spending time with her children.

Fun Fact: Julie has recorded a single at Abbey Road recording studio.

Connie Lynch
Admin Assistant

Connie is an Interpreting and Translation graduate (French and Spanish) and currently works as a project coordinator at a Scottish social enterprise. She loves walking, baking for friends and family, playing her cello, listening to music and learning different languages.

Interested In Joining AFFCAD UK?

AFFCAD UK is a small, volunteer-run charity and we rely on the fantastic commitment, energy and talent of our team. We operate remotely, and welcome applications from people all over the world. You can choose how, when and where to work.

We are currently looking to recruit volunteers for the following positions:




We are also open to applications from interested individuals. Please get in touch to share your experience, what you hope to bring to AFFCAD UK and why you are interested in joining our team.