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AFFCAD UK is run by a team of committed volunteers. Our Board of Trustees oversee and guide our work.

Our Board of Trustees

Martin Strube
Chair & Trustee

Martin’s professional background has largely been in Local Government and in the broad Co-operative Movement. As a committed co-operator, the bulk of his working life has been immersed in partnership building, group working, and collective decision making. He is an experienced Board Member in a wide variety of settings, from Boards of Directors to Trades Councils; from Governing Bodies to Co-operative Councils; at local, regional, and national levels. He has served companies and democratic bodies variously as chair, secretary, treasurer, minute-taker, executive, and external advisor. He is totally committed to the idea that collective time and joint decision-making should be both pleasurable and efficient. Outside of work he dabbles in music and video generation.

Chi Jack-Osimiri
Vice Chair, Legal Lead & Trustee

Chi has over 10 years of experience in different aspects of Trusts law, Company law, Commercial/Contract law and IP Law through various roles. She has particular experience in providing training, advice, review and drafting work in these areas to organisations in the private and charity sectors. Chi also has over 10 years experience of teaching at various UK universities. Her interests are in IP law, broad aspects of Commercial and Trust laws.

Julie Gordon
Company Secretary

Julie has experience in administration from various organisations and charities, and also currently volunteers for a mental health charity.  In her spare time, she is a voracious reader, and enjoys spending time with her children.

Joshua Lambie
Finance Lead & Trustee

Joshua currently works in public accounting, providing outsourced business services to small and medium-size enterprises. He holds a degree in Classics, and has lived and worked in the UK, Australia and the People’s Republic of China.

Grant Morton
Fundraising Lead & Trustee

Grant has years of professional experience in charities working with refugees, homeless persons and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups across many different projects. He has a keen interest in Africa, studied philosophy, grows hot chillies and rescues cacti!

Graham Norris
Marketing Lead & Trustee

Graham Norris is an organizational psychologist focusing on foresight and futures thinking. He spent 20 years living in Asia, including a decade as a journalist in Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. More recently, he worked in marketing consulting and communications in Beijing, China, before moving back to the UK. He holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University and studied the impact of rapid change on Chinese knowledge workers for his doctoral research. He now runs Foresight Psychology, helping people stretch their imaginations to design more innovative futures.

Claire Mutono
Social Media Lead & Trustee

Claire is a senior healthcare professional working to improve Medicines Optimisation and Patient Care for patients. Her extracurricular activities include travelling, keeping fit, and utilising social media to teach the importance of healthcare.


James Contreras
Education Lead & Trustee

James is an ex-teacher, previously working as a Head of Department. He now works as a Data Science Coach for apprenticeships. In his spare time, he loves travelling and escaping London to explore the outdoors whenever possible.

Katie Stuart
Staff Liaison Lead & Trustee

Katie has worked in education for the last three years. She is currently a Business Transformation Coach for apprentices, and previously held a role in Programme Management for an education start-up. She is passionate about educational development and widening career opportunities for young people. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, surfing, and playing netball. 

Nicola Bentham
Onboarding Lead & Trustee

Nicola currently works as a university lecturer and PhD student, specialising in Organisational/Business Psychology. Prior to entering academia, she worked as an Organisational, Learning & Development professional across various industries, including oil and gas, investment banking, non-profit, construction and property. Outside of work, she enjoys teaching yoga, photography, life coaching, rock climbing, and walking four amazingly-demanding (and very loving) Jack Russell Terriers.

Omer Kokou-Tchri
Networking Lead & Trustee

Omer’s background is in talent management (including creative) and business development. He was formerly a councillor in Surrey who possesses a diverse skill set and has sat on strategy and resources committee. Now, he has decided to use his skills and awareness to help as much as possible of some of the African countries.

Interested In Becoming a Trustee of AFFCAD UK?

AFFCAD UK is a small, volunteer-run charity and our Board provide us with valuable expertise and support.

We are open to applications from interested individuals. Please get in touch to share your experience, what you hope to bring to AFFCAD UK and why you are interested in joining our Board.

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