About Uganda

About Uganda

Uganda is a country worth helping. We’re trying to alleviate its education- and HIV-related issues

Uganda is a diverse and vibrant East African country, renowned for its abundance of wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Many people residing in Uganda, however, live in extreme poverty and lack access to basic human needs like education and healthcare.

Slum communities are subject to the worst conditions of all, and Bwaise is one of the largest and poorest slums in Kampala, Uganda. That’s why AFFCAD are working to improve social and economic outcomes for the people of Bwaise – especially youths.

Read about the range of programs that allow us to achieve this below, or donate to help give countless impoverished Ugandans a healthier and happier life.

About Uganda

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Many of Uganda’s current economic issues can be traced back to its colonial history. AFFCAD are giving power to the people by teaching youths valuable skills and creating job opportunities.

Uganda’s education-related shortfalls represent a critical barrier to the country’s sustainable development. AFFCAD are improving Ugandan children’s access to quality education.

Uganda’s youths are becoming increasingly passive in response to the country’s dangerous HIV epidemic. AFFCAD are providing young Ugandans with protective knowledge and medical assistance.

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