Charity Organisation in Uganda

our work

We educate and empower young people in the poorest slum areas in Uganda.

Who we help

Charity Organisation in Uganda

We work in partnership with AFFCAD Uganda to deliver quality, accessible education and vocational training to young people and families in Bwaise. 

Our work is informed by the needs and knowledge of people in Bwaise; those who are best placed to understand what will work for their community. This knowledge empowers us to create solutions that address poverty head-on, and that will have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of people in Bwaise. 

In the UK, we create long-term partnerships with schools, businesses, individuals and community organisations to raise money, raise awareness and engage young people with social change.

As a Charity Organisation in Uganda, your donations and support help us provide quality education for young people living in Bwaise and tackle the barriers that prevent children from learning.

Charity Organisation in Uganda

The people we help

We support young people and families living in some of the poorest slum areas in Uganda. In particular we work with the community in Bwaise, the largest and poorest slum in Kampala.

In Bwaise, more than 100,000 people live in extreme poverty with little or no access to education, water, sanitation or shelter. 50% of residents of Bwaise are illiterate and nearly half of all young people are unemployed. 82% people live on under $2 a day. The area is densely populated and large families live in small makeshift homes close to each other.


Our Achievements to Date Include:

  • 2015: AFFCAD UK was created by Liz Parker in partnership with JAGs (James Allen School for Girls) to fundraise, support the development of AFFCAD’s projects in Bwaise, and connect young people in the UK with young people in Uganda.
  • 2015: Project Chicken Feed: AFFCAD UK funded a small chicken rearing project to provide a food and income source for AFFCAD school.
  • 2016: Give a Girl a Future: AFFCAD UK funded a project supporting young women to get out of the sex trade. This project provided them with accommodation and support and connected them with training courses at the AFFCAD vocational training centre.
  • 2017: AFFCAD UK partners with JAPs (James Allen Primary School). JAPS staff and students undertake various fundraising activities to support projects in Bwaise.
  • 2017: AFFCAD UK in partnership with AFFCAD, JAGS, and Inspire, run a trip to Uganda for JAGS students to complete project work, meet the AFFCAD team and explore Uganda.
  • 2018: AFFCAD school rebuild project got started, with the aim of building a bigger, safer school and increase primary education provision from 100 to 300 children.
  • 2018: AFFCAD UK partners with SSSO (St Saviour’s and St Olave’s School) to run an annual Christmas parcel project and children’s Christmas party in Bwaise.
  • 2019: AFFCAD Primary School opens for 100 children aged 3-7 with plans in place to complete the next phases of the build and accommodate children for their full primary education.
  • 2019: AFFCAD UK partners with Dulwich School for Boys. Dulwich College visit Uganda for the first time to renovate classrooms and plaster the school wall.
  • 2020: Funding of freshwater well: St James’ Charitable Trust and Noble Caledonia Charitable Trust provide funding for a freshwater well at AFFCAD School to provide fresh water and reduce running steps. This brings us one step closer to our ambition for a fully sustainable school.

Our Current Projects


We provide quality, affordable education for young people in and around Bwaise.

Covid-19 Response

Please donate what you can to help the community in Bwaise survive the impact of Covid-19.

We reserve 10% of our funds to cover running costs such as website maintenance, insurance, accountant costs, etc.