The AFFCAD Uganda Health Program

Turning the tide against HIV in Uganda requires a concentrated focus on adolescents and young people. It is critical to increase Ugandan youths’ access to healthcare and wellbeing services. Additionally, Ugandan youths need to be educated about sexual health and HIV, not only to prevent the transmission of the condition but also to minimise the damaging effects of prejudice against those who suffer with it (read more about HIV in Uganda).

The AFFCAD Uganda Health Program implements these intervention strategies in a range of ways to improve the health and wellbeing of those living in the slums of Bwaise, Kampala. The program conducts Social and Behaviour Change activities; provides sexual health information and products to adolescents and young people; and improves youths’ access to medical and mental health services. 

Uganda Health Program
Uganda Health Program
Uganda Health Program

The program has helped over 1,000 adolescent girls undergo medical checks and counselling, and over 300 young people get tested for HIV. It has also distributed over 34,000 sexual health products to out-of-school youths. But many thousands living in Bwaise haven’t received the medical care they need, and many more still lack the knowledge about HIV that will reduce their risk of physical and emotional harm.

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