15th December 2023

Nakandi Pauline Hadijah is a double orphan who was enrolled in our Child Sponsorship program at the age of seven, while she was in primary two. This decision was made when we recognized her strong commitment to achieving quality education and securing a bright future, despite her guardian’s financial struggles.

Pauline’s paternal grandmother assumed the responsibility of caring for her and her six siblings after they lost their parents. She was initially overwhelmed and on the verge of allowing Pauline to drop out of school. With her sole source of income being a market vending business, she could only provide basic necessities such as food. However, she faced an even greater setback when she lost her business during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2021, making it seem like a distant dream to support Pauline’s pursuit of secondary school education.

In 2022, Pauline successfully passed her primary leaving exams, thanks to our Child Sponsorship Program. Today, she is enrolled in a reputable secondary school, and she believes that her future prospects have greatly improved, despite the numerous challenges she has encountered along the way.

“I am grateful for my sponsorship because if it was not for this opportunity, I would not be where I am today. I hope that one day I will make my sponsor proudby becoming an engineer like my late father,” says Pauline.

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