Kampala is home to many disadvantaged communities, particularly in Bwaise, which is one of the poorest neighbourhoods, and where the AFFCAD school is based. Poverty, lack of access to education, and poor health are some of the issues that affect many children in the area. Fortunately, there are non-profit organisations like AFFCAD which are working to improve the lives of these children.

Pauline at the AFFCAD School.

Pauline is one of the children who benefit from AFFCAD’s Sponsor a Child program. At only nine years old, Pauline dreams of becoming a nurse or a doctor to help people living in her community. In Bwaise, many children are born with HIV, and the lack of access to clean water means that many diseases are still prevalent.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Pauline remains optimistic and is grateful for the opportunity to attend school. She is currently a Primary 2 pupil at AFFCAD School, and her favourite subjects are Math, English, and Reading. With the continued support of the Sponsor a Child program, Pauline will be able to continue attending school up to Primary 7, when she is twelve years old.

Pauline lives with her grandmother, as her mother left her when she was little and unable to care for her. Unfortunately, Pauline does not know where her father is. Yet, she remains resilient and is always delighted when it comes to going to school. She is even excited when she wakes up early in the morning, at 6am, to walk to school.

Outside of school, Pauline likes playing with her ball and enjoying her favorite food, pocho, at home with her grandmother. The Sponsor a Child program not only provides Pauline with access to education but also helps support her basic needs, such as healthcare and two nutritious meals a day.

By sponsoring a child like Pauline through AFFCAD, donors can help make a difference in the lives of children in Kampala’s poorest areas. They can help provide children with access to education, healthcare, and basic needs, giving them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and help children like Pauline have a chance at fulfilling their dreams and building a better future.

Interested in supporting someone like Pauline? You can learn more about sponsoring a child for just £19 a month here.