In light of this year’s international women’s day, we want to celebrate the amazing women behind AFFCAD, and share with you some of the stories of the women who help to make our mission a reality.

Sarah teaching an outdoor session with her pupils at the AFFCAD School.

Sarah Namubiru is one of our Literacy and English teachers at AFFCAD School, teaching primary two. Sarah is very passionate about children and granting them equal opportunities in education. It is this passion for children that drove her into teaching, a profession that she has been part of for twelve years. 

“I love children so much and I always feel happy when I give them knowledge and see them grow into responsible human beings in society. It gives me great joy and happiness,” Sarah says.

Her inspiration behind teaching started during her own school years. She greatly admired her primary four teacher, and the love and consideration that she gave to her students while teaching them. 

Her favourite part about her job is empowering children, especially girls, with knowledge that they would not otherwise have access to through education. She hopes to show each and every pupil the same love and care her primary four teacher gave to her, and to inspire them to follow their own dreams.

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