50 Ugandan Asian Stories:

Story Submission

Ugandan Refugees 1972 UK

AFFCAD UK (Action for Fundamental Change and Development) is a volunteer-led charity set up to support young people and families living in extreme poverty in Uganda. We currently work with the community in Bwaise—one of the biggest and poorest slum areas in Kampala—to improve its education, health and youth employment opportunities.

To celebrate 50 years since the Ugandan Asians exodus, AFFCAD UK are sharing the inspiring memories and stories of those who were involved. We will be showcasing these stories on our websites, social media and in our emails, so that people can learn about the spirit of Ugandan Asians and their individual experiences.

For those who were too young to remember their own experiences of the exodus, we instead encourage you to share the stories of your parents or elderly relatives, on their behalf. And, if you know any Ugandan Asians involved in the exodus who might also be willing to share their story, please refer them to this webpage through the URL link: www.affcaduk.org/ugandan-asians-exodus/

Below is a questionnaire that will bring your unique experience of the Ugandan Asians exodus to light.

We want to develop a full and accurate understanding of your story—so for the long-answer questions, please provide us with as much detail as you can. About 10 lines of text or more for each long-answer question would be ideal.

You will find prompts in brackets next to some of the questions. These are meant to help guide your answers, but you should not feel limited by them. The more information you can provide us with, the better.

Click here to view a set of example answers for each question. Please try to provide us with a similar amount of detail in your own answers.

If you cannot remember the exact age, an estimation will do.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We strongly welcome you to send us any photos you have that illustrate your life in Uganda and/or your experiences of the exodus. We may use these photos to compliment your responses to the questionnaire.

Please email any photos you have to liv@affcaduk.org. (Please include your full name in the subject line of your email, so that we can identify you alongside your questionnaire responses.)