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AFFCAD UK are celebrating 50 years since the exodus of Ugandan Asians from Uganda, by sharing 50 stories of those involved.

the Ugandan Asians Exodus

In early August 1972, the president of Uganda, Idi Amin, ordered the expulsion of his country’s Asian minority, and gave them just 90 days to leave. At the time of the expulsion, there were about 50,000 individuals of Indian descent living in Uganda.

Of these, many thousands were officially recognised as citizens of Uganda. But regardless, all were forced to leave behind their homes and livelihoods.

The majority of those who were expelled emigrated to the UK, while others went to Canada, India, Kenya, or Pakistan. Meanwhile, over 5,000 of their businesses, farms and estates were reallocated, along with their homes, cars and most of their household goods.

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Our Project: 50 Ugandan Asian Stories


Despite their hardships following the exodus, many of the Ugandan Asians expelled from their home have gone on to lead fulfilling lives around the world: starting families; building businesses; and engaging in community work.

To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the exodus, and the spirit of Ugandan Asians, AFFCAD UK are sharing 50 Ugandan Asian stories of the unique memories and inspiring journeys of those who were involved. We will be posting their original stories via our blog. Some of our volunteers were involved in the exodus and have contributed their stories, so please look out for them.

If you have story to tell regarding the exodus, we strongly encourage you to share your experiences with us. You could even provide us with the stories of your family members, on their behalf; or send this page to anyone you know who might be interested.

Recent Stories By Our Ugandan Asian Contributors

Yogesh Uganda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #8 Yogesh’s Story

Yogesh Nakarja: A Diversity Of Experiences Through Work & Play. While living in Jinja as a twelve-year-old boy, Yogesh Nakarja—the youngest of over ten siblings—had plenty of company with whom…
Mukund Uganda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #7: Mukund’s Story

Mukund Kataria: Through Trials & Tribulations, Perseverance Prevails. Until the age of seventeen, Mukund Kataria was growing up in Jinja, Uganda, making friends and taking in the country’s outdoor delights.…
Hansa Uagnda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #6: Hansa’s Story

Hansa Saujani: Life Lessons Around The World. Hansa Saujani’s life in Jinja, Uganda, was active and family-focused. She enjoyed going out for family walks in the local park, festivals at…
Viresh Uganda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #5: Viresh’s Story

Viresh Patel: A World Of Wonderful Memories. Welcome to the fifth of our 50 Ugandan Asian Stories. This story is by Viresh Patel, whose family, like so many others, was impacted…
Anonymous Uganda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #4: Anonymous Story

Anonymous: Peace & Prosperity, In Uganda & Beyond. Welcome to the fourth of our 50 Ugandan Asian Stories. This story is by an anonymous contributor who, like so many others, had…
Ramzu Pirmohamad Uganda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #3: Ramzu’s Story

Ramzu Pirmohamad: Driving Through Adversity. Welcome to the third of our 50 Ugandan Asian Stories. This story is by Ramzu Pirmohamad who, like so many others, had to flee Uganda alongside…
Purvy Patel Uganda 50

50 Ugandan Asian Stories #1: Purvy’s Story

Purvy Patel: Youthful Innocence During Hard Times. Welcome to the first of AFFCAD UK’s 50 Ugandan Asian Stories. This story is by Purvy Patel, one of our Trustees, who along with…