Meet our team

We operate with a team of inspirational and committed volunteers in London and around the world as we continue to support AFFCAD wherever they need us most.
Right now, that is campaigning and fundraising to rebuild our primary school Excel Education Centre.  
We are always looking for enthusiastic, passionate and professional people to join our team, so get in touch!

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What we do
Elizabeth Parker - CEO
Elizabeth ParkerCo-Founder and Director of International Programmes

Liz is a Science teacher at an international school, she is currently based in Uganda.

Fun fact: Liz used to be in regular contact with Sir David Attenborough.

Francesca Heigh
Francesca Haigh
Grant Writer and Researcher

Fran is a business development executive for a health organisation in London, she also has an MA in International Development.

Fun Fact: Fran has accidentally bumped into the Dalai Lama.

Lizzie Lucas
Social Media Manager

Lizzie is digital & content manager at a design agency in London.

Fun Fact: Hannah from S Club 7 follows her on Twitter...

Francesca Heigh
Dee Martins
Project Manager

Dee enjoys being the bridge between the organisations objectives and it's practices.
Despite the demands of her various duties, she thinks no day is complete without a bit of comedy.

Natalie Staub
Natalie StaubIT & Systems

Nat is a primary school teacher in Switzerland and spends a lot of time in her second home, Uganda.

Fun Fact: Nat once trekked the width of Switzerland in less than two weeks.

Meet our trustees

Parvez Bhatty

Parvez has a background in business and commerce and has a keen interest in start up businesses.

Fun fact: Parvez enjoys Tai chi, yoga and being mindful.

Purvy Patel

Purvy is an experienced CIM Certified Marketing professional, skilled in the execution of creative and effective marketing strategies and re-engineering sales process to drive effective and sustainable revenue growth. She has a natural affiliation with AFFCAD as she was born in Uganda and has many fond childhood memories.
Outside of work, Purvy enjoys running, baking and volunteering on a charitable farm – not all at the same time! Although sometimes it feels like it.

Sarah Evans