Our Story

AFFCAD UK is a small, friendly organisation. We registered as a UK charity on 6th January 2016, and our Registration number is 1165059.

We at AFFCAD support the people of Bwaise - the largest and poorest slum in Kampala, Uganda. We do this by creating connections between them and people and businesses in the UK, and throughout the world. Extreme poverty will be reduced if we work together. We support a bottom-up approach to tackling poverty, and this is a method supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

AFFCAD UK is part of the AFFCAD family. Liz, our director, first met the founders of AFFCAD in 2011 on one of their slum walks. AFFCAD (Action for Fundamental Change and Development) is a grassroots and community based organisation which was started in 2009 by four friends: Meddy, Jaffar, Richard and Brian. They all grew up in Bwaise. As children, these inspirational four young men worked to pay for their own schooling. When they finished school, they chose to stay in Bwaise. They wanted to transform their community. They started with projects such as distributing condoms and mosquito nets, and running community health workshops. Their influence has improved education, health and youth employment. They’re aiming for sustained development in their community of Bwaise.

For his dedication to transforming Bwaise, one of the AFFCAD founders, Meddy, won the Muhammed Ali Humanitarian Prize for Conviction. This led to funding from the US Embassy, Kampala and this allowed AFFCAD to open the Bwaise Youth Employment Centre in 2013, to teach the vocational skills young people need to find employment. The centre is an amazing place which trains around 800 young people every year. AFFCAD’s primary school continues to flourish and is hoping to expand.

Inspired by their selflessness and determination to succeed, Liz volunteered with AFFCAD and soon became good friends with the AFFCAD family. Liz listened to the stories of the child sex workers. She witnessed the poverty these young people face, and felt compelled to do more to help them. Liz is a teacher. She told her students in London about the challenges that were being faced in Bwaise. Liz’s students were soon on board, and keen to make sure that the young people were empowered, that changes would be made. One student, Sam Nakirya, joined the AFFCAD journey. Sam is a Ugandan Londoner passionate about making a positive difference in Uganda.

Together Liz and Sam founded AFFCAD UK. Together with AFFCAD, they released a song, Challenges. It was recorded by young slum musicians Heart Beat Performers. It reached Number 1 in the iTunes world music charts. The money raised from the record sales funded a sustainable chicken farm under #ProjectChickenFeed, which was started to provide meals for school children at AFFCAD's primary school.
Liz went on to win a British Citizen Award for International Achievement. She was runner up in the pride of Mid Devon Awards for the work AFFCAD UK and AFFCAD are doing to eradicate poverty and in particular empowering young sex workers with vocational training.

We operate with a team of inspirational and committed volunteers in London and around the world to support AFFCAD wherever we are needed. Right now, we are campaigning and fundraising to rebuild our primary school Excel Education Centre. We are always looking for enthusiastic, passionate and professional people to join our team so get in touch!

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