Project Chicken Feed

Project Chicken Feed was AFFCAD UK’s first project back in 2015. The project initially began as an idea to build a small chicken farm aimed to provide a sustainable food and income for the students at Excel Education Centre. These students faced sharing one meal a day, hungry while trying to get an education teachers at Excel were concerned with so many children falling asleep in lessons.

We worked with Heartbeat Performers (a group of amazing local Bwaise musicians passionate about AFFCAD’s work) to record a charity single where every two downloads brought one chick. ‘Challenges’ single was widely promoted across the UK, Uganda and the rest of the world and reached number 1 in the world iTunes charts.  Through this AFFCAD UK founder, Liz Parker, was awarded a British Citizen Award and the Pride of Mid-Devon Award, highlighting successful community engagement and widespread support for the project.

#ProjectChickenFeed was a challenge for AFFCAD UK however, the lessons learned in the process are extremely useful and will be considered carefully in all future iterations of the project. The fundraising was super successful and the cause something we will support again but the problems with chicken viruses, flooding and profit mean this project is currently on hold. The current focus for AFFCAD UK is the rebuilding of the Excel Education Centre; once a site has been secured for the school attention can return to conducting Phase 2 of Project Chicken feed. The potential for a sustainable chicken project will be considered carefully in the new school site development. Project Chicken Feed addressed a clear problem by providing an effective and sustainable solution; the immense public support highlights the potential for the project. There is a clear need for greater resource allocation to this project and this should be considered when planning future phases.
To read the full project report, see

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Chicken in Bwaise
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